Pryers Solicitors are proud to sponsor the 2020 York Community Pride Awards for the sixth year.

York Community Pride Awards 2020

2020 marks Pryers’ sixth year sponsoring the York Community Pride Awards. And it has definitely been the most unusual year, yet.

We have sponsored the Charity Fundraiser of the Year Award, so we want to wish good luck to all the nominees.

Communities Coming Together

Who would have thought a year ago, that we would have been forced to sit back and watch the world grind to a halt, at the hands of a disease that was yet to exist? If you were fortunate enough not to be a key worker, that is – they have hardly been afforded the luxury of sitting back, in 2020.

But whether you have been patiently isolating at home, or whether you have been rushing around on the frontlines, everyone’s played their part. 2020 will go down as the year that communities around the world came together and did what they could, in an unprecedented show of solidarity.

There has obviously been rare examples of behaviour best forgotten, but on the whole, we have banded together; sacrificing our own individual plans, for the sake of society as a whole. Pandemics are not unprecedented – they have happened many times throughout history. What is unprecedented, is the way we’ve harnessed technology to coordinate a collective human response to the threat of a novel virus.

York Community Pride Awards: much needed inspiration

The York Community Pride Awards couldn’t come at a more appropriate time in the story. As we tepidly head into winter, the light we longed for at the end of the tunnel feels like it’s fading with the long summer days. And after a summer of sacrifice some people are understandably growing tired. But now’s not the time to give up.

For those who are struggling, what a better source of inspiration than the stories of local residents, at the York Community Pride Awards. Their selfless stories of servitude are a timely dose of much needed inspiration, and a reminder of what we, as humans, are capable of.

To all the nominees and winners: We thank you. Not just for your charity, but for the inspiration you provide us all, in these hard times.

To everyone else, we can watch from home, in awe of the magnificent feats of our local heroes. Click here to watch the event at 19:00 on 15 October 2020.


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