The design featuring in Pryers Solicitors ad York Cycle Campaigns safe passing campaign.

Pryers Solicitors join ‘Safe Passing Saves Lives’ Campaign

A photograph of Pryers Solicitors and York Cycle Campaign's bus advert to promote safe passing

York-based law firm, Pryers Solicitors have teamed up with York Cycle Campaign (YCC) in a bid to promote road safety conditions in and around York.

Together with YCC, Pryers Solicitors will be sponsoring two buses on Park & Ride routes in and around York.

Launching today, the ‘Safe Passing Saves Lives’ campaign, which can be seen on the back of the buses, will run for a whole year and aims to make motorists more aware of cyclists on our roads.

Over the last five years there have been more than 800 reported road traffic collisions in York alone, involving cyclists and caused by motorists. Even with a cycle lane, motorists should allow a distance of at least 1.5 metres when passing a cyclist. Most drivers will have been guilty of not leaving enough space, therefore Pryers hopes that their partnership with YCC will remind motorists of their responsibilities as a road user.

Richard Starkie, Partner at Pryers said: “As a keen cyclist, I love the thrill of descending an alpine pass at high speed, or riding difficult trails on a mountain bike, but nothing is quite as frightening or dangerous as a 60mph close pass by a car or lorry. Many drivers don’t realise how important that passing space is, or that they can be prosecuted for not leaving enough room.” We might be ‘just cyclists,’ but we’re ordinary people first.”

“Cyclists rely on having sufficient space to avoid potholes and debris on the road, as well as space to allow for doors opening on parked vehicles. Close passes are very intimidating for cyclists and are one of the most frequent causes of collisions. Giving cyclists plenty of room saves lives,” said Kate Ravilious, co-chair of York Cycle Campaign. 

Whilst the Pryers and YCC partnership focuses specifically on cyclists, there is no doubt that the campaign will improve safety for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians alike – and ultimately, make York a better and safer place for all.

Follow the campaign activity using #SafePassYork


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