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Bone Loss Caused by Poor Oral Health Results in £10,000 Settlement for Client

*Andy* had been to two dentists over the course of eight years for all of his regular dental appointments. At no stage had he […]

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Allergic Reaction to Antibiotics Results in Settlement for Client

In May 2008 *Sarah* attended her GP as she was suffering a sore throat. It was suspected that she had tonsillitis and was prescribed […]

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Failed Sterilisation Procedure Results in £12,500 Settlement for Client

In March 2008, following the birth of her third child, *Hannah* underwent a sterilisation procedure at her local hospital in Lancashire. Following the surgery […]

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DVT Developed Following Surgery Leads to £5,000 Settlement

*Claire* had a history which included previously developing a DVT during a surgical procedure in 1984. In January of 2010 Claire required further surgery […]

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Delayed Referral for Chest X-Ray Leads to Client Suffering a Pulmonary Embolus.

In April 2005 *Richard* started to suffer from chest pain and shortness of breath. He went to his GP the following day and was […]

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Wrong Size Knee Replacement Compensation Leads to Settlement for £20,000

In May 2006 *Rachel* underwent a knee replacement procedure at her local hospital in Yorkshire. Following the knee replacement Rachel continued to suffer pain […]

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Beauty Treatment Leaves Client with Burns on Her Face

In April 2009 Gabriella attended her local beauty salon in Yorkshire for red vein laser treatment to her face. Gabriella had been undergoing treatments […]

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Burns Caused by Pulse Light Treatment Leads to £9,000 Settlement for Client

*Daniel* had a long standing condition of ingrown facial hair causing him to suffer pain and discomfort. In October 2007 he decided to undergo […]

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Delay in Surgery Leads to Case Settled for £6,000

In February 2010 *Julie* attended her local Accident and Emergency department in the midlands as she was suffering abdominal pain and vomiting. She was […]

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Case Settled for £8,000 Following Failed Foot Surgery

*Brian* had suffered from osteoarthritis for a number of years, as a result of which had developed a lump on his big toe which […]

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3 Day Delay in Treating Infection Leads to £6,500 Settlement for Client

In August 2009 *Katherine* underwent a planned surgical procedure at her local hospital in the South East of England. She was discharged home the […]

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Client left with hole in throat after tonsillectomy

For a number of years *Rebecca* had suffered from sore throats and tonsillitis and had been prescribed medication on a number of occasions. In […]

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