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A photograph of a superhero wearing all black as a reminder that our healthcare workers are heroes not superheroes

Heroes Not Superheroes

You’d be forgiven for thinking at times, that our front line health workers are superhuman. Not only are they performing heroic actions on a […]

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Coronavirus Graffiti

Cycling Could Ease Coronavirus Lockdown

Cyclists are reporting that abuse is being targeted at them, despite cycling being one of the daily exercises allowed during the coronavirus lockdown. But […]

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Face mask

Fake PPE and Coronavirus Testing

This week, Boris Johnson is set to announce his plans for reducing the lockdown measures; opening schools and restarting the economy, but is the […]

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Metastatic Melanoma Cells - a type of cancer cell

Cancer Symptoms you should not ignore – even during a pandemic

Cancer symptoms have not gone anywhere, so why has the number of urgent referrals reduced?  The willingness of our nation, and many others around […]

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Cyclists call for safer roads during the coronavirus pandemic

Government and local councils are coming under increasing pressure from cyclists for safer roads. Calling on them to make temporary changes to our road […]

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Coronavirus Creates Delays to Cancer Treatment

NHS England have released new guidance on care for cancer treatment in light of the Covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic response. Many trusts and hospitals […]

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Headyway - the brain injury association's logo

Coronavirus pandemic with a brain injury

We are pleased to be able to support Headway, the brain injury association, who offer support and advice to those with brain injuries. Carmel […]

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A number of small candles burning

NHS workers have been killed by the Coronavirus

Over the weekend we received the tragic news that the number of NHS workers who have been killed by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has risen […]

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A nurse wearing a protective mask

Coronavirus Highlights NHS Under-Resourcing

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly shed a light on how vulnerable our society is. Almost overnight, life as we knew it changed; schools were […]

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A face mask.

PPE Availability is Increasing Risks for Frontline NHS

The Public Health England is expected to release new guidance on the use of  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) this week. However, there continues to […]

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Medication and Prescription Errors

The NHS is facing unprecedented pressure due to the coronavirus pandemic, with routine appointments being reprioritised to ensure the frontline staff are focused on […]

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Doctor operating in theatre

Shortcomings Reported at St George’s Hospital

A recent report from the NHS Improvement that looked into 202 deaths of heart surgery patients at St. George’s Hospital, found shortcomings in treatment […]

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Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust Face Criminal Inquiry into Maternity Services

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust are facing a criminal inquiry into the alleged deaths of 1,200 mothers and babies. This is the latest in […]

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Berzosertib – A New Treatment That Stops Growth of Cancerous Tumours in Initial Tests

A new study has shown a drug called berzosertib stopped tumour growth in patients with very advanced tumours. The drug was even more effective […]

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Government Face Fresh Legal Action in Relation to Personal Protective Equipment

A day barely seems to pass by when the Government doesn’t seem to be faced with fresh legal action. The latest sees The Good […]

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