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BUPA and Pryers Solicitors sign-up at York city centre scheme Leeds, September 2010 – Acting on behalf of The Evans Property Group, the office […]

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York Cares – Right to Read

As a previous volunteer, Marie Brasnett introduced York Cares to the Principal and founder, Ian Pryer, when she joined his firm of Solicitors over two years ago

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Medical negligence claim for unauthorised additional surgery

The Claimant underwent planned surgery for release of right trigger thumb but, whilst under anaesthetic, the surgeon also inadvertently performed right carpel tunnel release.

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Claim after delayed treatment

There was then an unacceptable and substandard delay in further management and treatment, causing 18 months of PSLA

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Successful claim for brain damage case

Pryers solicitors of York have recently won a case involving brain damage to an adult which occurred as a result of anaesthetic negligence.

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Successful broken leg claim

We have recently completed a claim, for clinical negligence here at Pryers solicitors in York, on behalf of a student.

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Claim for troublesome teeth

We recently worked on a case involving a lady who had treatment at hospital over a number of years from her teens due to troublesome teeth.

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Successful claim after mis-diagnosis

Recently we concluded a medical negligence case against an NHS Trust in which a patient had an operation in which his full stomach was removed (gastrectomy).

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Large cerebral palsy claim

Normally cerebral palsy cases are brought arising from oxygen starvation in the course of a birth.

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Claim after drain left inside operation patient

Pyers solicitors in York have recently completed a case involving a woman who had a full hysterectomy carried out.

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Large settlement for man after hip replacement surgery

This clinical negligence case involved a hip replacement that went wrong on a man of 60 years.

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Claim after failure to re-operate on painful knee

Here in York at Pryers solicitors a settlement was agreed in the case of a woman who had a knee replacement operation.

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