Axicaim Service for Victims of Medical Negligence

Ahead of concerns about access to justice for patients and their families pursuing medical negligence claims as a result of legal aid cuts coming in April and increasing competition in the legal marketplace, Pryers Solicitors has launched its Axiclaim brand.

The idea behind Axiclaim is to ensure that Pryers’ team of expert medical negligence lawyers remains preeminent in fighting for the rights of victims of medical mishaps in an increasingly competitive and (for consumers) an increasingly confusing marketplace – a marketplace where retailers, insurers and other non-lawyer claims companies now compete for clients alongside traditional law firms as a result of deregulation under the Legal Services Act 2007.

‘We believe that patients who have been unlucky enough to have been the victim of medical accidents and poor treatment, and their families, deserve specialist legal help,’ comments Ian Pryer, partner at Pryers Solicitors. ‘These are uncertain times for people looking for access to justice as a result of the legal aid cuts coming in April. Not only are ministers overhauling the funding of legal cases – scrapping legal aid for pretty much all medical negligence cases and radically changing the way that ‘no win, no fee’ deals work – but increasingly retailers, insurers and non-lawyers are moving into the law. We are concerned that vulnerable clients receive the advice they deserve and need.’

‘The prospect of committed specialists like ourselves being out-gunned by bigger operators in a changing legal landscape with bigger marketing budgets isn’t good for us. But, more importantly, it can be a disaster for clients who have already – and through no fault of their own – had the bad luck to have suffered accidents,’ Pryer says. ‘The idea behind Axiclaim, which will deploy innovative online marketing techniques and social media campaigns, is to make sure our message is heard.’

Axiclaim’s new website – – features the first ever dedicated medical negligence claims news blog – In The Loop – which is aimed at the consumer, health and legal press; patients and their families; as well as campaigners and academics. The site will be updated continuously. The aim is for the site to develop and become a valuable resource of information about issues relating to medical negligence and the law.

The site will be supported through three main social media channels – Pinterest, Facebook &Twitter.

Axiclaim has been working with online communications experts specialists Furlong PR since July 2012 to devise its online strategy.

‘The values that underpin Axiclaim are exactly the same as they were when I set Pryers up 10 years ago,’ Ian Pryer says. ‘Our clients want to know that they are dealing with an expert; secondly, they want to know that we understand what they have been through and that we will fight as hard as we can for them; and, thirdly, they want us to give them affordable legal solutions and as much price certainty as possible.”

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