A black and white photograph of an operating theatre. Mr Daniel Hay is accused of causing unnecessary harm in surgeries like this.

Mr Daniel Hay Accused of Harming Hundreds of Patients

The Times reports that Mr Daniel Hay, a Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, is the surgeon that has been accused of unnecessarily harming hundreds of women.

Women “Unnecessarily Harmed” by Consultant

A review of 58 women’s treatment was launched after staff at the Royal Derby Hospital first raised concerns in 2018. The independent review found that eight women had “lapses of care”, which resulted in unnecessary harm.

This triggered a larger enquiry into the treatment of 193 patients, to which 79 more have subsequently been added.

The Trust has said that the rate of serious complications was “higher than would be usually expected”.

Of the eight women who were initially identified as being “unnecessarily harmed”, it is reported that all had undergone major surgery and one said that she had been left “in agony”, and with dangerous complications.

Mr Daniel Hay, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Despite the Trust refusing to name the accused surgeon, the Times have identified him as Mr Daniel Hay, a Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. In the article Mr Hay confirms that he is under investigation. However, he denies intending to harm the women.

Although Mr Hay remains registered as a surgeon, he has not performed any clinical work since June 2018. He says that he has now retired and has suffered mental health problems, which the hospital have supported him for.

Although Mr Hay says he has apologised to his patients by letter, he does want to do it personally.

The True Extent of the Problem is Unknown

There were concerns that the investigations were too narrow. A medical negligence lawyer, representing one of Mr Hay’s former patients says she is aware of a case dating back 18 years. This is before the period covered by the current investigations

However, James Crampton, medical director for quality and safety at University Hospital of Derby and Burton NHS Trust, confirmed that the review has been widened.

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