Hats at Home for Headway 2020

Hats at Home for Headway

Pryers Solicitors may be working remotely, but they are still making the most of social interactions. At the end of every week since lockdown, they have been holding ‘Virtual Friday Fizz’. They all catch up by video call with games and quizzes. A chance to mark the beginning of the weekend. This week they will be combining their social with raising funds and awareness for Headway, the brain injury association.


Headway is a charity very close to Pryers’ hearts. The company have done a number of fundraising events in the past. The charity helps people adapt after a brain injury, giving them the valuable help and advice on how to move on with their life.

One of our Partners, Carmel Walsh, sits on the Committee of Headway York and recently shared advice for those with a brain injury during the coronavirus pandemic.

Headway, like many charities have suffered as a result of the lockdown, missing out on valuable sources of fundraising. Office doors have shut and sporting events have been cancelled, limiting a lot of the usual routes to raise funds.

Hats at Home for Headway

Normally a lot of offices and members of the public take part in Headway’s annual event – Hats for Headway. Groups are urged to wear their funkiest headgear and donate to Headway. This year, rather than miss out on the opportunity, Hats at Home for Headway has been launched. The charity are still encouraging groups of colleagues to wear their funky headgear, but rather than get together in the office, they are asking people to get together over video calls to have a little fun and raise some well needed cash for the charity.

Pryers Solicitors are going to combine some of their regular social activities with fundraising. Donning their best hats over team lunches and generally having a little bit of fun trying to raise awareness for this valuable and important charity.

Laura Cates, Trainee Solicitor at Pryers said; “Through our medical negligence and personal injury practice we work with many people who have suffered life changing brain injuries. We have seen first hand, from working with the local branch of Headway, what a positive support the charity is and are proud to support them in any way we can. As a firm we hold charity days and events, but the current situation has put a pause to that. We were therefore delighted to hear that Headway were still holding their annual Hats for Headway event, albeit at home!”

If you would like to donate to Hats At Home for Headway you can:

Text HFHW to 70085 to donate £2

or to opt out of marketing communications text HFHWNOINFO to 70085

Texts cost £2 plus one standard rate message.

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