Claim after failure to re-operate on painful knee

Surgery can lead to clinical negligence claimsHere in York at Pryers solicitors a settlement was agreed in the case of a woman who had a knee replacement operation.  After the operation had been carried out she complained that she was suffering from a foot drop.  Her complaints were not heeded by the hospital staff and the opportunity to operate again to repair the nerve damage was lost.  The Defendant hospital, through the NHS Litigation Authority, denied liability for a long time.  Eventually liability was conceded not on the basis that the operation had been carried out negligently but that they should have re-operated and this could have potentially repaired the nerve damage.  After negotiations a settlement was agreed in the case in the sum of £18,000 reflecting mainly General Damages for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity.  There were no loss of earnings because the woman was already retired from work.

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