Elf and Safety Infographic – Be Safe This Christmas

We are really excited for the arrival of Santa Claus in just over a weeks time. We couldn’t help but think about the precautions and safety measures that Santa would have to take in the modern day life and look at what we could do to make his job a little safer (elf and safety -if you will). After all… We all want our presents on Christmas morning!

elf and safety santa

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Safety Equipment Santa Would Need

  • A hard hat. For climbing down chimneys.
  • Safety glasses. To protect against snow and hail.
  • A dust mask. For protection against chimney soot.
  • A DBS check. A must have, for anyone working with children.
  • Protective gloves. Ideal for physical work.
  • A harness. Working on a rooftop can be dangerous.
  • Knee guards. For kneeling on the floor and purring gifts under trees.
  • Steel toe cap boots. In case Santa drops a heavy present!

5 Tips to make sure your house is Santa safe

  • Don’t leave your fire overnight. Santa won’t want a burnt bum!
  • Don’t encourage Santa to drink and drive – leave out a glass of milk instead.
  • Watch Santa’s waist. Leave out a salad instead of mince pies.
  • Don’t leave Christmas tree light wires where Santa can trip over them.
  • Make sure guard dogs are tucked up in bed so that Santa knows where to find them to drop off their gifts.

When Things go Wrong Pryers can Help

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