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*Michael* had a four year history of severe abdominal pain for which he made numerous attendances to his local hospital in Chesterfield. He underwent various non-surgical investigations in 2008 and was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

Following this diagnosis Michael underwent a hemicolectomy in November 2008 to ease his symptoms. Unfortunately, he did not recover well post-operatively and it was not until February 2009 that he underwent exploratory surgery. Following which it was subsequently discovered that Michael had a pelvic abcess, fistulas and adhesions.

In October 2009, Michael contacted Laura Turner, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at Pryers Solicitors.

Investigations into the case were commenced and an expert report from a Consultant Gastroenterologist was obtained. The expert’s report was not wholly supportive in that he was of the view that all of the management up to the operation in November 2008 was thought to be reasonable. The expert did, however criticise the hospital’s delay in performing appropriate investigations to confirm why Michael was not making any improvement.

A letter outlining the allegations of the hospital’s failings was sent to the Defendant and the Defendant responded admitting liability. This admission however was for a reduced period of time alongside an offer to settle of £1,000 plus costs. A counter offer of £5,000 plus costs was put forward to the Defendant which was rejected. The Defendant then offered £2,500 plus costs in full and final settlement, which Michael was happy to accept.

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