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The police have re-arrested a lady in relation to a number of baby deaths at the Countess of Chester Hospital. They have not named the suspect. However, we know that the police have previously arrested nurse, Lucy Letby, in 2018 and 2019 around the deaths.

Baby deaths at Countess of Chester Hospital

The police initially launched their investigation surrounding the deaths of babies at the Countess of Chester Hospital three years ago. This was as a result of a number of investigations by medical organisations found a high death rate and a number of failings.

The latest re-arrest is on suspicion of the murder of eight babies and the attempted murder of nine more.

Pryers’ involvement in the case

As medical negligence specialists, Pryers are adept at investigating complex medical cases. Although most are down to human error caused by well-meaning medical professionals, we’re well equipped to help victims of intentional harm too.

This re-arrest is a positive sign that the police investigation is progressing into the baby deaths and adverse outcomes at the Countess of Chester Hospital. It indicates renewed vigour into the investigation, after such a substantial amount of time has passed since the deaths and the previous arrests. Pryers has been working alongside several of the families affected for many years now. It has been heart breaking watching them trying to come to terms with something that they do not understand. These families are dealing with losing their baby or the complications caused by the severe injuries they suffered. They have had to do this not knowing why or how this happened.

We appreciate the police’s commitment to finding out what happened to these babies and the complexities of their investigations. However, many of the family’s lives have been put on hold. Some of the babies whom we represent have long term health complications which require specialist care and treatment. The length of the investigation has delayed the families obtaining answers to what happened. This has also potentially compromised the level of care or treatment available to them now and in the future and delayed any potential claims for compensation.

We hope that this arrest will lead to some answers for everyone involved.


Thumbnail photo credit: © Dennis Turner (cc-by-sa/2.0).

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