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While playing netball in July 2009 Laura fell and fractured the left side of her ankle.

She attended her local hospital in the North West and was seen at A&E department, from where she was admitted into hospital.

Five days later Laura underwent surgery to repair the fracture and to fix the bone into place using surgical screws.

Following her surgery Laura made a good recovery in hospital and her plaster cast was removed ten days following surgery.

Laura was encouraged to try standing and walking but started to experience excruciating pains in her left foot. This prevented Laura from standing properly, walking any distance and working.

In mid August 2009 Laura returned to hospital and an x-ray was performed. This found that one of the screws holding the bone was 1cm too long and was protruding into the flesh of Laura’s foot. This was found to be the cause of her pain and difficulty.

Consequently, Laura had to undergo further surgery at the end of September 2009, the purpose of which was to remove the screw.

Following this operation Laura developed a wound infection which was treated by antibiotics.

Laura then started a course of physiotherapy which helped the pain to resolve and she regained mobility.

Laura contacted Pryers in September 2009 regarding her treatment and her claim was managed by Alex McKnight, a specialist in clinical negligence matters. He claim was funded by way of a ‘no win no fee’ agreement.

Our investigations included obtaining expert opinion from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. With this evidence in addition to our own research we were able to agree a settlement for Laura of of £12,000.

The Defendant also paid all of Laura’s legal costs so she had nothing to pay throughout the case or at the end. She kept 100% of her compensation.

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