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Surgery can lead to clinical negligence claimsHere at Pryers solicitors in York we are pleased to detail another successful case. Our client had an anal fistula which was treated with insertion of a seton. There was then an unacceptable and substandard delay in further management and treatment, causing 18 months of PSLA (Pain, Suffering & Loss of Amenities). She finally received appropriate treatment which resolved the problem.

A medical negligence complaint was pursued to which we received an indifferent response. After obtaining the medical records and reviewing them, it seemed that the case looked very strong and causation was limited. The claim was valued at £5,000 – £10,000. A Letter of Claim was sent together with a Part 36 Offer for £15,000. We got a Letter of Response admitting liability with a counter offer for £10,000, which the client accepted today.

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