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*Daniel* had a long standing condition of ingrown facial hair causing him to suffer pain and discomfort.

In October 2007 he decided to undergo Intensive Pulse Light treatment at a local cosmetic surgery clinic in the North West of England.

Shortly after the procedure began Daniel started to complain that his face was feeling very hot and the treatment was uncomfortable. Daniel had not had any tests done to check that he would not react to the treatment or to test that the correct treatment for his skin tone would be used.

After the treatment had finished Daniel found that he had burns on his face. He was provided with a cream which contained alcohol and caused him further pain and discomfort.

As the burns healed Daniel noticed that he had some scarring on his face which he found distressing. He also found that he could not manage to return to the clinic to complete the treatment because of the distress that he had suffered. He therefore continued to have ingrown facial hair.

In September 2009 Daniel contacted Alex McKnight, a specialist in clinical negligence matters at Pryers Solicitors. Alex started to investigate his case and obtained medical reports from a Dermatologist and a Psychologist.

At the end of 2010 allegations were put to the Defendant along with an offer to settle the case. The Defendant replied with a counter offer and negotiations to settle commenced. In February 2011 an offer of £9,000 was made by the Defendant which Daniel was happy to accept.

The Defendant also paid all of Daniel’s legal costs so Daniel kept 100% of his compensation and incurred no costs through bringing his claim.

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