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In one of the most critical articles yet written, an investigator at the British Medical Journal has recently told the story of the DePuy ASR prosthetic hip: how it came onto the market; what testing was carried out; and how DePuy responded to complaints from surgeons.

Dr Deborah Cohen, working alongside Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, spoke to those involved in the UK, Australia and the USA and asks how it can be that such safety-critical products can be sold and fitted to patients without the sort of rigorous testing and independent clinical trials to which drugs are subjected? As well as looking at DePuy’s actions, she also considers the role played by the UK’s regulatory body, the MHRA.

The article is well worth reading for anyone interested in the failure of the ASR hip and other metal-on-metal prosthetic hips.

The full text can be found here: –

Pryers Solicitors LLP is a specialist medical law firm and acts for over 100 people, throughout the UK, who have suffered the failure of their ASR hip. Product liability claims are being brought against DePuy International Ltd.

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